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I'm Ashley Jardim, the Maine wedding photographer behind She of the Woods. My work caters toward high-end, nature-inspired, unique and gorgeous weddings across New England and on the west coast.

My clients tend to be adventurous, introverted, and untraditional. And I totally get that. When I got married 7 years ago I wore a green dress and picked my own bouquet from the forest behind my house. I totally support couples doing things their way!

Feel free to wander my blog, stalk my Instagram, and read these kind reviews. Or check out this interview by Real Maine Weddings. If my work resonates with you, tugs at your heartstrings, please write to me and I will get back to you soon!

She of the Woods wedding packages start at $2000 with an associate, and $3000 with Ashley. 

Elopement packages are available with Ashley only for $1600.