Exploring Austin, TX

My trip to Austin in February was mostly about seeing my brother. We both worked a lot while I was there, but we made time to hike and camp, cook, eat tacos and ramen, and walk his dog. Of course Austin is an amazing city to explore, but this time (and let's be honest - usually), I just didn't care about seeing the city. I'm so much more interested in exploring the natural environment, the woods, in camping and hiking, and I'm glad to have a brother who enjoys that too. My favorite part of exploring around Austin was the crystal clear creeks and pools, and meeting up with local photographers to explore the magic of McKinney Falls. Other places I visited include Pedernales State Park, St Edwards Park, Mayfield Park, and Barton Creek (more photos of these places on my Instagram). I was actually kind of disappointed I didn't see a single snake or scorpion or any other cool creature. I did see a lot of deer though! It was a beautiful, special trip, and I'm already hoping to go back as soon as possible.

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