Maine Elopement Photographer // Styled Shoot

I've never been one for styled shoots, because I'm mostly interested in people and relationships and interactions and moments, rather than in table settings and cakes and dresses. 

So this year I'm starting my own kinda styled shoot, well actually "un-styled" shoots - which are more about a couple's relationship and showing a way to get married without the stress and hype of a typical wedding day. I find cozy, intimate, private elopements so much more sincere and romantic, especially for the more introverted among us.

Huge thanks to Hillary and Kenny, who participated in my first un-styled shoot recently, and to the amazing Andrea of Honeysuckle Way for the florals. Because plants always, always win, styled or not. Her happy arrangements were perfect for this colorful, spring-like, pretty shoot!

Here's to elopements and makeshift outfits and sweet, intimate moments in the middle of nowhere. I would photograph elopements like this in the Maine woods all the time if I could!