My California Journey

Last month I traveled to San Francisco to photograph a wedding at Muir Woods. It was an elopement, actually, and tucked away cozily under the redwoods... a dream to photograph! My next two weddings are elopements too - one at Cadillac Mountain and one at Portland City Hall. I can get used to this. 

I am an nomad at heart. Even though Kurtis and I bought a home and some woods and are in Maine now to stay, I'm still obsessed with exploring everywhere I can. So naturally photographing an elopement turned into a two week solo road trip up and down the west coast, visiting my favorite spots and discovering new places. It was really important to me to do this alone, to hike and camp and sleep in the car and be as wild and free as I please. It was wonderful. Just what I needed. And will need again soon. And again and again. 

All these images were taken with the Fuji x100t, which I borrowed for this trip. Some of my adventures (like Fern Canyon!) I shot with my "real" camera, so I'll share those another time. This post includes photos from Muir Headlands (I stayed a few nights in the hostel & did a few Magic Sessions there), Wildforest Sanctuary (where Kurtis & I used to live!), Avenue of the Giants, Green Gulch Farm, random spots along 101, and the Oregon coast. There are way too many images here, but they are all special to me.

It feels appropriate that I'm typing this from a tent right now. ;)

Press play.