Which package is best for us?

Most couples choose 8 hours of coverage for a wedding, because it's usually enough to cover everything from the couple getting ready through the important reception events, and a bit of the fun dancing at the end. But 6 hours works well too if you don’t care to have the dance party or the getting ready moments captured.

Most eloping couples choose the 3-hour option, which gives us enough time to explore a few different locations in Acadia National Park (my most popular destination).

I don’t work with 2nd photographers and prefer to have full control of your images.

Engagement sessions are fun, adventurous, and low-key. The way I approach these sessions, it's never about the photos. It's about taking a break, exploring our world, enjoying each other's company, and noticing the tiny things together.

We often go somewhere gorgeous in nature, exploring the coast, hiking through the woods, picking flowers.

My #1 tip for engagement sessions: Be full of wonder, pay attention to each other, and your photos will be dreamy (and you'll hardly notice I'm taking them!).

I always give enough direction too, so there's no expectation that you'll show up for your engagement shoot knowing what to do. Most of my couples have never been professionally photographed before, don't know what to expect and feel nervous, but the process is always way more fun and easy than they'd expected.

What are engagement sessions like?

Engagement and elopement photos are delivered within one month through an online gallery with digital downloads.

Wedding photos are delivered within two months through an online gallery and a USB drive.

When do we get our photos?

I highly recommend a first look for a few reasons:

  1. You'll be less nervous walking down the aisle (if your ceremony is structured that way)

  2. You get to have more quiet, intimate time alone with your love

  3. You can get family & wedding party group photos done before the ceremony

  4. Everyone can enjoy the cocktail hour and not worry about photos after the ceremony!

  5. And if you're introverted, it's extra nice to have this special moment in privacy, without all your guests watching you

SHould we do a "first look"?

I recommend most couples order their albums from Artifact Uprising. Their products are gorgeous and much more affordable than ordering them through me! Your digital images come with a print release, so you can order whatever books, albums, prints or other products you would like, from wherever you'd like.

Do you offer albums?

I prefer to work in Maine and occasionally New Hampshire.

I do not charge any travel fees at all.

Where do you work, and do you charge a travel fee?

Not to worry! Rain only makes things more romantic and makes photos looks more dramatic and gorgeous. And I always have clear umbrellas in my car.

It rarely rains all day long, and we can work with any type of weather. 

What if it rains on our wedding day?

I don't work with shot lists, but if you definitely want a couple images of you and your great aunt, let me know!

A list of photos would hinder my creative process, and you definitely don't want that. But rest assured - I always cover the essentials.

Can I give you a list of photos that I want?

Sorry, no! I’ve found over the years that my best work happens when I’m working solo. 99.9% of the images on my blog were captured by me.

Can I hire 2 photographers for my wedding?

If the wedding is rescheduled, postponed or cancelled, or if there is a breach of contract by the client, I'll keep your retainer fee.

What is your cancellation policy?


Do you have liability insurance?

For weddings and elopements, you’ll get about 75 images/hour of coverage. For engagement session, you'll get 50/hour.

How many photos do we get?

I've never been late or missed an event at all. But if there's a real emergency or "Act of Nature" and I can't be at your wedding, I have a huge network of local professional photographers who would be happy to fill my spot at the last minute. We all understand how important your wedding photography is and would definitely help each other out in an emergency! In the worst-case scenario, if no one could be at your wedding, you would get a full refund.

What if something bad happens & you can't photograph our wedding?

Booking is easy and happens online. Once you've signed a contract and paid a $500 deposit, you'll have reserved me for your wedding date!

How do we book you?