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California // Rocky Coasts & Redwoods // Part I

Days after Kurtis and I were married, we drove to Northern California and spent a year caretaking on a homestead

Jenna & Clayton // Maine Summer Camp Wedding Photographer

This wedding had all the charms. ALL of them. Take a look. But first, press

Amanda & Matt // Rustic Backyard Wedding Photographer

Amanda comes from what always seemed to me like a magical family. Four sisters! Who all look alike! Who are all

Megan & Adam // Married on their Farm

There are few things I’ll really miss about living in Taunton once I move to Maine next month. Kurtis and I are

Lanham & Josh // Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Lanham and Josh were married in the Connecticut countryside, at the historic Nathan Hale homestead. Their day was full

Brandi & Zane // Boston Maternity Photographer

Brandi & Zane are undeniably the cutest pregnant couple I’ve ever known. Zane is my brother’s