Beauty, Honesty, Adventure

Hello! I'm Ashley, the photographer behind She of the Woods. 

My clients are creative & adventurous, wild & woodsy, artistic & authentic. I photograph weddings, retreats, local farms, and what I call "Magic Sessions", which are especially for small businesses, artists, healers, and yogis. Basically, I work for wonderful, magical people!!

Although I'm based in Maine, I work all over - from New England to California, and overseas as well.

I get particularly excited about adventurous elopements, DIY weddings, women's retreats, organic Maine farms, and working with other artists. 

When I'm not doing this work, you can find me exploring the Maine woods, growing veggies in my yard, and fixing up a cabin in the woods with my husband Kurtis.

You can connect with me further on Instagram and Facebook. Contact me for more info!

Photo courtesy of Marcos Sanchez.