1920's Themed Wedding in the Redwoods

After my month-long adventure on the west coast this spring, I flew back for just one weekend to photograph Mandy & Casey's incredible, colorful, 1920's themed wedding in the redwoods in early June. Their story is beautiful - with a mutual love for the ocean, music and art (Mandy is a DJ and Casey a maker) and a romance that blossomed at Burning Man five years ago in a way that must have been pure magic.

Their photos here are broken up into three parts because there were just so many! By some miracle I managed to create a video for them as well, completely solo with no second shooters or assistants (I am crazy). Really I pulled it off because their day was so darn lovely, and when a Mainer is in the redwoods, well gosh I'd better record the shit out of it. So here ya go. What an amazing couple, gorgeous venue, fun bunch of guests, and some images that aren't quite so bad to look at.

Press play!

Spring Meadows Wedding in Maine

Brit & Brett's honeybee-themed spring celebration was the perfect start to my Maine wedding season. These were my favorite things about their day (well, besides the two of them): 

The seasonal, local lilac bouquets

Brit's honeybee Converse that she painted herself

Her lavender, hops (because Brett is a brewer) & succulent hair wreath

The beehive and birch cake

The bead bracelets Brit's mom made from her own wedding dress

Ok, basically everything. This day was so sweet!